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The 9K Contest Club

The Kuwaiti Contest Club (9KCC) has the honor to 

invite the radio amateurs all over the world to 

participate in the Forth 9KCC 15-m contest



We Would like to Thank all whom support us in our first 9KCC contest:

KM3T(Dave) www.contesting.com


9A6XX (Hrle) www.wwyc.net

Bruce Horn (WA7BNM) www.hornucopia.com/contestcal

Mike( N2MG) www.eham.net   

RAMON Santoyo V.  (XE1KK)

MICHAEL(DL1HCM ) & TOBY (DH1TW) www.bavarian-contest-club.de


Dave Mascaro for the "GenLog" (W3KM)

Mauro(I1WNB) www.ariloano.it/marconiclub

Win-Test Contest logging Program

Dan Henderson (N1ND)  ARRL Contest Branch Manager

Tom (SP5UAF)

Thomas ( HB9BSH ) Helvetia Telegraphy Club

John H. Shannon (K3WWP)

Alex (YO9HP"A45WD")


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